From setting up energy communities to making them thrive

26 Apr 22

From setting up energy communities to making them thrive

Are you setting up an energy community? Would like to join one but don’t know where to start? Are you part of a community energy initiative and want to find tools to help the initiative develop, manage and grow? Then join eight European projects as they join forces to support your aims!

This event, organised by eight projects working on the topic of energy communities, will showcase 15 tools to help those who are setting up, managing, or growing their energy communities. These tools are perfect for engaged citizens, future and existing energy communities, policymakers, other projects or initiatives working in this field, and more.

Many EU projects develop tools useful for stakeholders at different stages of community energy initiatives, and for different end goals (research, policymaking, business models, technology assessment, energy sharing etc.). This event will cluster 15 such tools into three groupings to ensure stakeholders know where to turn at each stage of developing a community energy initiative.

The three groupings, which also correspond to three event sessions, are as follows: 

  1. Inform yourself – prior to starting a community energy initiative – tools to understand the basic concepts, and to help with your research and information collection (9:30–10:20)
  2. Test your market, ideas, and technologies – organising and planning a community energy initiative – testing which technologies to use, which business models and legal frameworks suit your market, and how others have been successful in that market (10:35–11:35)
  3. Let’s act: get people involved and grow – growing and improving an existing community initiative – getting more people involved, engaging different social groups, sharing data and energy, creating one-stop shop (11:35–12:20)

The workshop will present tools in a simple and easy to understand way. Each tool will be presented in a 3-minute pitch, followed by a discussion with all audience members.

This will be an opportunity to have your voice heard, ask questions and give valuable feedback to the tools developers. The EC², BECoop, DECIDE, eCREW, UP-STAIRS, COME RES, NEWCOMERS, W4RES and POWERPOOR projects will each present their work. They have worked together for several months, and are pleased to share the results of this collaboration with you.

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