Stakeholder Involvement and Engagement Plans online

16 Feb 21

Stakeholder Involvement and Engagement Plans online

COME RES has just released its Stakeholder Involvement and Engagement Plans. The document presents teh activities undertaken to establish a common methodo logical framework for the work of the nine country desks.

The methodology serves to identify, map and analyse stakeholders (Who are the stakeholders to engage
in the dialogue? What are their interests, needs and motivations? Which of them are to be prioritised?), ensure the representativeness of different stakeholder groups and make the desk results comparable.

Nine country specific Stakeholder Engagement Plans have been developed folloeing this approach. Within the plans, desk coordinators assesse stakeholders’ potential to influence and contribute to a favourable regulatory and market environment for RECs and community energy. Further, they explain the strategic goals of the stakeholder consultations, how they will be organised, how stakeholders interact, how the results will be cross-shared among the participants and disseminated towards the wider COME RES target groups.

The document was developed by ENEA in partnership with the COME RES consortium.

Read the full document here.

Image by "Hannah Busing"

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