Country Report

Summary Report: First Italian Thematic Workshop and Policy Lab

The activities of the Italian Country DESK for Renewable Energy Communities (REC), established within the Horizon 2020 COME RES project, marks a new step. The DESK produces sectorial analysis, promotes exchanges of experiences and new approaches to the energy management allowing informal dialogue fora, participative roundtables and workshops. An exchange of experiences between Piedmont Region (model region in COME RES) and Apulia Region (target region in COME RES) was accomplished during the first thematic workshop that represented a transfer activity on common issues related to REC implementation. The Policy Lab, which took place in the second part of the day, was dedicated to the state of the art of transposition and implementation of RED II at national level. Moreover, best practices and technological solutions for REC were addressed. A total of 26 speakers and more than 170 people have participated to the meetings.

Publication Date: 06 May 2021

Author: Massimo Bastiani and Virna Venerucci (Ecoazioni), Elena De Luca (ENEA)