D6.2 Four capacity development and transfer workshops reports

This document (Deliverable 6.2 - 4 capacity development and transfer workshops report) has been prepared under WP6 of the COME RES project in the frame of Task 6.2 (Capacity development and training for public authorities and/or community stakeholders in the “learning regions”) and constitutes a general framework for capacity building and a useful support to the transfer experiments that will be part of Task 6.3 (Best practice transfer roadmaps). The COME RES learning regions are intended in the general definition set up by OECD 2 and adopted by the EU3, as not necessarily regions lagging behind but rather as territories that aim for continuous learning as the main pathway towards innovation and progress.

This report provides information on the transfer visits and training workshops undertaken by the transfer teams of the five learning regions set up in Task 6.1, to the country of origin of the 5 good/best practices chosen by each transfer team, from the COME RES good practice portfolio (Deliverable 5.2). These have beenendorsed by the COME RES country desks, as those offering the best potential for transfer and adaptation to the specific legal, economic, governance and cultural contexts of the adopting regions.

Publication Date: 30 Sep 2022

Author: Massimo Bastiani, Ecoazioni