Thematic Workshop and Policy Lab in Latvia

17 Jun 21

Thematic Workshop and Policy Lab in Latvia

The first Thematic workshop and Policy Lab of the Latvian Stakeholder Desk will be held on 17th  June from 9.45 am– 2.00 pm.

In the first part the event will take a closer look at the on-going transposition of the RED II and IEMD Directives in Latvia and challenges for legal framework development regarding renewable energy communities.

The second part of the event will deal with the REC potential in Latvia and their perspective contributions to meeting national renewable energy targets.


  • 09:45: Opening
  • 10:00: Where we are in the COME RES project

      PART I. Policy Lab

  • 10:10 Renewable Energy Communities: Draft Amendments to Energy Law (Transposition of RED II), current state and expected implementation, Einārs Cilinskis, Ministry of Economics, Dept. Of Sustainable energy policys
  • 10:40 COME-RES partner experience: Legal framework for REC in Portugal and first practices of RECs implementation, Isabel Azevedo, INEGI
  • 11:10 Planned Amendments to the Electricity Market Law concerning energy communities (transposition of RED II and IEMD), Līga Rozentāle, Ministry of Economics, Deputy director, Dept.of Energy Market and Infrastructure
  • 11:40 Interactive discussion

      PART II. Development perspectives of REC in Latvia

  • 12:25 Step-by-step development practice of solar PV project: lessons and challenges relevant for RECs, Juris Ozoliņš, energy exspert
  • 13:00 REC potential in Latvia and their perspective contribution in meeting national renewable energy targets: evaluation by COME-RES project, Ivars Kudreņickis, Gaidis Klāvs, Institute of Physical Energetics
  • 13:30 Interactive discussion. Moderated by COME-RES Latvia partners.



Aija Zucika,
Latvian Environmental Investment Fund

Gaidis Klāvs
Fizikālās enerģētikas institūts

Image (Unsplash/Alvaro Bernal)

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