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The Belgian Stakeholder Desk

In Belgium, the country desk focuses on Flanders. It brings together relevant policy makers, market actors and stakeholders with a thematic focus on community energy in the field of integrated solutions like community micro-grids or virtual power plants. The province of Limburg and West-Flanders serve as target regions and the provinces of Antwerp, Flemish-Brabant and East-Flanders as model regions.

In Flanders, a regional decree is currently being drafted which will transpose the Electricity Market Directive (IEMD) and Recast of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII), including the provisions for energy communities. Nevertheless, forms of RECs already exist in Flanders. Energy cooperatives have united themselves under the umbrella organisation ‘REScoop Vlaanderen’. According to the REScoop website, 17 energy cooperatives are active in Flanders, and an estimated 70.000 Flemish citizens own shares. Most of these cooperatives are volunteer-based and focus on renewable energy production, mainly through rooftop PV and on shore wind. In addition, new renewable energy communities are being set-up in the context of Research and Innovation programmes and pilot projects such as RE/SOURCED,  Antwerp Circular South, cVPP and Rolecs.

The country desk organises regular and solution-oriented stakeholder dialogues and actively engages experts and stakeholders from the model and target regions. The involved stakeholders accompany the operational work and tasks of COME RES, provide advice, and support the dissemination of the project results and solutions within their respective interest groups. The desk comprises policy labs dedicated to the transposition and implementation of RED II.



Verslag van de Belgisch/Nederlandse country desk meeting

Report on the joint Kick Off Meeting of the Belgian and Dutch Stakeholder Desks, held on 19. January 2021. The Report is available in Dutch only.

Publication Date: 05 Feb 2021

Author: Erika Meynaerts, Sarah Delvaux, Erik Laes, Gunter Bombaerts, Dirk Vansintjan, Sara Tachelet

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