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The Polish Stakeholder Desk

In Poland, the Stakeholder Desk concentrates on community PV and community integrated solutions in the Warmian-Masurian target region. It involves a core group of 25 stakeholders, including policy makers, national and regional (renewable) energy organisations, energy clusters, academia, civil society, banks, regional funds for environmental protection and water management, the PV industry, public utilities as well as local authorities and parliament.

The term Renewable Energy Community has not yet been defined in Polish law. The Renewable Energy Sources Act (2016) introduced the term ‘energy clusters’; an energy cluster covers an area of one county or five municipalities, which aim to become energy efficient regions through a more effective use of local renewable energy sources. As civil law agreements they are not allowed to undertake business activities, however it provides the opportunity to a group of local entities to improve local energy safety and quality as well as reduce energy costs for the region.

Another organisational form are ‘energy cooperatives’ (RES Act 2019), which are fixed in corporative law. While a lack of secondary regulations still prevents practical functioning of energy coops, a rapid development of mainly PV prosumers micro-installations (working on the base of modified net metering schemes), can be observed since 2019.

The Polish stakeholder desk is designed as an informal forum to discuss the status of RED II transposition into national frameworks, as well as perspectives, trends, and support schemes for RECs. Regular desk meetings are mainly addressing the core group, whereas Thematic Workshops and Policy Roundtables are open to a larger group of stakeholders. The desk also shares information and knowledge on RES communities in partner countries, which is enormously appreciated by stakeholders in Poland, and provides input for the analysis of potentials, barriers, good practices, business models and transfer opportunities.



Report on the Polish Stakeholder Desk Kick Off Meeting

Publication Date: 11 Feb 2021

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Polish Stakeholder Desk Kick off meeting Agenda

Publication Date: 27 Jan 2021

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