Image: Patrik Houstecky
Image: Patrik HousteckyImage: Patrik Houstecky

The Norwegian Stakeholder Desk

The Norwegian COME RES country desk consists of 29 organisations and companies from diverse sectors and industries, who all share an interest in developing renewable energy. They are from sectors such as the energy industry – mainly power companies, developers and industry associations – citizens and interest organisations, property developers and the food industry. The desk also consists of members from the public sector, such as municipalities and regional authorities.

Several participants such as power utilities and industry have long experience in producing renewable energy, or in developing renewable energy technology and systems. The country desk members from other industries are mainly participating to actively take part in the energy transition and are considering investing in renewable energy production both to lower their electricity costs, and to reduce their carbon footprint. Representatives of citizens and environmental organisations are interested in renewable energy to reduce emissions and build environmentally friendly communities. The diversity of the desk participants ensures that a broad set of perspectives and experiences are included and enables engaging conversations.

Norway has a long tradition of local power production where farmers or landowners have helped transform water resources into electricity. However, there are not many examples of local energy communities in which citizens of the local community participate as members or shareholders. For that reason, the Norwegian country desk does not focus on one specific region or technology but is instead taking a more open and explorative approach and will study different renewable energy and storage technologies and look at Norway as a whole.

The Norwegian COME RES country desk is led by CICERO Center for International Climate Research and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).


Country Report

Report summary: Norwegian thematic workshop and policy roundtable

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Publication Date: 25 Aug 2021

Author: Hege Fantoft Andreassen, Karina Standal, Stine Aakre (CICERO), Ingrid Ueland, Kjell Rune Verlo (NVE)

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Norwegian Stakeholder Desk Kick Off Meeting Agenda

Publication Date: 12 Jan 2021

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