1 Municipality – 1 REC: can it be done?

30 Sep 22

Brussels, Belgium-L42 Business Center & Workspaces, B-1040, Rue de la Loi 42

1 Municipality – 1 REC: can it be done?

The EU Solar Energy Strategy calls for the establishment of at least one renewable energy community (REC) per municipality above 10,000 residents by 2025. This comes at a timely moment, as increased energy prices, security of supply and energy system resilience are higher on the agenda than ever. Renewable energy communities all over Europe are contributing to more secure local energy systems, which are more resilient and more capable of absorbing external shocks. They are at the forefront of employing models which reduce citizen’s energy bills, create local economic gain and encourage more energy sobriety.

However, in the absence of fully transposed frameworks and a slow roll-out of supportive business models, reaching this goal seems ambitious. If this target is to be met, national enabling frameworks, new financing, and business and (youth) engagement solutions need to be developed and broadly disseminated. This is the only was to enable energy communities to develop on the required large-scale.

Join us for this Sustainable Energy Day, part of the European Sustainable Energy Week, during which we will carry out a reality check and discuss transferable solutions, their barriers and drivers, and what kinds of policies need to be in place to enable RECs to truly make a contribution to making Europe more energy-resilient, more climate-friendly, more just and inclusive of younger and older generations alike.

The event aims to enhance policy dialogue around the transposition and implementation of the European Commission's Renewable Energy Directive and focuses on how enabling frameworks for RECs can be boosted in line with the urgency instilled by the EU Solar Strategy and the REPower EU Plan. It is aimed at politicians, policy makers, policy advisory organisations at various governance levels, as well as community energy stakeholders across Europe.


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