COME RES takes part in virtual INEA workshop

20 Nov 20

COME RES takes part in virtual INEA workshop

COME RES coordinator Maria Rosaria Di Nucci presented the project in a workshop organised by INEA, the EU Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, on Social Sciences and Humanities in Energy Projects.

Innovation in clean energy technology is integral to achieving the EU’s ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2050. To be ultimately successful, the EU must take a holistic approach, accounting for social innovation and participation of all stakeholders in the energy transition. This includes engaging consumers, households and EU citizens to enable changes in lifestyles and behaviours, and initiating dialogues with decision-makers in politics, academia and industry. This Results Pack showcases nine EU-funded projects that focus on the social and political issues that need to be addressed to decarbonise the EU’s energy system.

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