Transfer management plans for newcomer energy communities

28 Apr 22

Transfer management plans for newcomer energy communities

With the increased urgency to deliver clean energy goals and to decentralize the provision of energy across Europe, it is clear that renewable energy communities have the potential and drive to play an active role in the just energy transition. For those just starting out, it is useful to learn from other more developed energy communities. COME RES is supporting the development of new renewable energy communities by encouraging context-based best practice transfers. The latest report published - ‘Transfer Management Plans for Learning Regions’ - provides information about the process of selecting the ‘learning regions’ and the good practice measures and elements to be transferred to those regions. The report also includes the transfer management plans for each of the learning regions.

Transfer activities will encompass mentoring activities between more advanced energy communities and those just at the beginning of their journey. Activities will include transfer visits accompanied by capacity development and training workshops, peer learning sessions and validation exercises. On an operational level, transfer teams including mentoring experts will elaborate the transfer roadmaps, which include proposals on how the corresponding concepts and measures can be accommodated in the respective learning region. The transfer activities take account of the specific legal, economic, social, political, governance and cultural contexts.

Image: Waldemar Brandt /Unsplash

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