Policy Brief

Policy Brief 2: Things are moving, let’s speed up!

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Despite the transposition of the legislation pertaining to Renewable Energy Communities (RECs) and Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) progressing only slowly, we can observe plentiful and substantial activities being set in motion in those countries where national authorities have introduced provisions for energy communities. While many projects existing today are pilot sites profiting from and operating in regulatory sandboxes, it is clear that all over Europe, local authorities, citizens, SMEs and other energy market actors are starting ambitious projects in anticipation of the currently developing national enabling frameworks.

This policy brief presents insights into the current state of affairs regarding transposition in COME RES countries and specifically Germany, Italy, Belgium and Spain.

Publication Date: 20 Dec 2021

Author: Arthur Hinsch, Carsten Rothballer (ICLEI) - based on work by the COME RES partners