D3.2 First consolidated report of desk activities in the target regions

The first consolidated report of the desk activities summarises and documents the events and activities held by the eight country desks throughout the first 14 months of the project, i.e. between September 2020 and October 2021. It comprises the activities performed under the framework of Work Package 3 “Country Desks and stakeholder dialogues”. The report is composed of four main sections, with the following content:

  • A brief introduction, with the background and purpose of the report. The planned activities, as described in the Deliverable D3.1, are also presented.
  • An overview of the activities held by al the country desks, providing an aggregated review of the major activities and respective outputs. The desks have been successful in engaging a wide set of stakeholders and market actors, covering all the major stakeholder groups identified in D3.1.The current progress is compliant with the project expected outputs and milestones, fully aligned with what is described in the Grant Agreement.
  • A more detailed description of the activities held by each of the country desks, with the identification of the main topics, participants and outputs. The breakdown of the participants per stakeholder group is also available for the different events, showing the diversity of stakeholders participating in the different activities.
  • A final section with the main conclusions of the report and reflections on future steps.

Overall, the report shows the compliance of all country desks and the fulfilment of the KPIs, both in terms of the number of events organised and in terms of stakeholders’ engagement. Moreover, the report also highlights the relevance of the desk activities, and their nurturing of both other project activities and the national and regional policy making processes.

Publication Date: 30 Nov 2021

Author: Isabel Azevedo (INEGI)