D3.4 Consultation series of the eight country desks. Summary Report

Deliverable 3.4 aims to elicit stakeholders’ experience and perspectives concerning renewable energy communities (RECs), to identify solutions to improve legal and policy frameworks and provide enabling conditions for RECs development, and opportunities and limitations for cross-country knowledge transfer. Building on the in-depth and qualitative study on how relevant actors perceive drivers and barriers to establish and successfully run RECs in Deliverable 2.3 - Synthesis Report on case-studies of drivers and barriers in five selected target regions (Standal et al. 2022), this Deliverable explores national and target region stakeholders’ views on attitudes, motivations, relevant technologies and legal forms, promising sectors for RECs, main barriers for developing RECs. Furthermore, the stakeholders’ familiarity with REDII and REC as a concept is explored, as well as national and local policies and support mechanisms that are seen as relevant for cross-country/region transfer.

Publication Date: 29 Sep 2022

Author: Karina Standal, Nora Ytreberg (CICERO)