Country Report

Report of Latvian country desk meeting on 6 Oct 2022

The 1st follow-up meeting of the Latvian Country Desk was held in Riga, on 6th October 2022, in presence. The purpose of the event was to discuss in a non-biased way the range of key aspects of REC establishment & development in Latvia, thus, the meeting has served also as an interface between the lessons (recommendations) of the transfer activities performed in the frame of COME RES - Transfer Visit and Transfer Workshop devoted to the transfer and adaptation of the best practice of the first REC in Italy (Energy City Hall REC-1 in Magliano Alpi municipality) - and the practical activities to promote REC in Latvia, validating short-term action plan.
Particular objectives of the meeting were:

  • to present the overall approach and drawn lessons of the REC development in Italy,
  • to present the Riga city Energy Agency (REA) activities to support REC establishment in Latvia,
  • to present the model for evaluating the performance (economic viability) of REC, acting in the electricity sector,
  • to present the short term actions to be taken in Latvia,
  • to promote the Desk’s final event, planned in the 24th November 2022.

Each of presentations was concluded by the short interactive Q&A session.
The event was organized by the LEIF and IPE. In total, 35 participants had made the registration for the event and 28 participated in the event.

Publication Date: 31 Oct 2022

Author: Aija Zučika (Latvian Environmental Investment Fund) Ivars Kudreņickis, Gaidis Klāvs (Institute of Physical Energetic)