D3.5 Four proposals for action plans to enhance the development of RECs in target regions

The aim of deliverable 3.5 is to elaborate proposals for action plans for 4 target regions in cooperation with a core group of country desk members. These action plans formulate proposals to enhance the development of renewable energy communities (RECs) in 4 selected target regions, taking into account the overall outcome and findings of the COME RES work packages such as the assessment of drivers and barriers, the dedicated stakeholder consultations, tailor-made business models for RECs, the in-depth assessment of transferable best practices, best practice transfer roadmaps for learning regions and the comparative assessment of enabling frameworks for RECs and support scheme designs. This report describes the methodological approach followed and presents the key findings for each of the target regions selected.

Publication Date: 12 Dec 2022

Author: Erika Meynaerts, Erik Laes (VITO)