D6.3 Four best practice transfer roadmaps for learning regions

In COME-RES’ broader objective of supporting the development of renewable energy communities (RECs) in nine European countries, one activity is the facilitation of so-called ‘transfer activities’ where teams from mentoring regions are coupled to learning regions to share experiences and knowledge. The following pairs have been composed: Thuringia (Germany) / North Brabant (the Netherlands), Apulia (Italy) / Flanders (Belgium), Latvia / Piedmont (Italy), Canary Islands (Spain) / Comunidad Valenciana (Spain). In the activities of COME-RES prior to this report, stakeholders from learning regions have visited the mentoring regions with the purpose of studying a single best practice for community energy. This report describes the activities in the context of a return visit of practitioners of the mentoring region to the learning region. The key purpose of this return activity was to draw up a roadmap which describes tangible steps towards implementing (aspects of) the best practice in the learning region.

After an introduction, this report starts with describing the so-called ‘Dynamic learning lab methodology’ which acted as a basis for the transfer teams to compile a roadmap. The results section describes the activities undertaken in the return visits and the resulting roadmaps. A final conclusion section takes stock of more generic lessons learnt from the four transfer workshops. One main lesson is under which conditions a transfer of concepts is possible and how it demands a great amount of ‘translation’ between different national contexts. Another finding is how difficult it is to demand and achieve a deeper type of reflection as asked for within the ‘Dynamic learning lab methodology’. In this light, this report recommends to keep methodologies for roadmaps more adaptable to the specific situation at hand.

Publication Date: 12 Dec 2022

Author: Rien de Bont (TU/e)