Country Report

Summary of the 2nd thematic workshop 21.09.2022 and policy roundtable 24.10.2022 in Norway

On 21 September 2022, CICERO invited to the workshop "’Renewable energy communities and opportunities in the energy crisis". The purpose of the workshop was to discuss opportunities and challenges related to the development of renewable energy communities in Norway in light of the current
energy situation with high electricity prices and a lack of energy in Europe. The workshop was organized by CICERO in collaboration with NVE.

The event was held in the Lyng meeting room in Oslo Science Park, but there was also the option of digital participation to reach more participants. 48 participants registered to participate, 16 attended physically and 18 participated via Teams.

Publication Date: 03 Nov 2022

Author: Hege Fantoft Andreassen, Karina Standal (CICERO), Ingvill Sjøvold Nilsen (NVE)