D6.4 Renewable Energy Community Platform

Deliverable 6.4 summarises and documents the actions associated with the development of the Energy
Community Platform. It comprises the activities performed under the framework of Work Package 6
“Supporting the development of renewable energy communities through capacity development and best
practice transfer”, Task 6.4 “Renewable Energy Community Platform”.
The report is composed by four main sections, with the following content:

  • A brief introductionillustratingthe background and purpose of the report.
  • An overview of theEnergy CommunityPlatform,the rationale for joining forces and for the
  • A more detailed description of theCOME RES specific contribution to the platform.
  • A final section with the main conclusions of the report andnextfuture steps.

The report also highlights the benefits of joining forces with and other projects, which
ensured a much larger outreach as well as the sustainability of the platform.

Publication Date: 13 Jan 2023

Author: Isabel Azevedo (INEGI)