Policy Brief

Policy Brief 1: Renewable Energy Communities - Are we nearly there?

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Community energy has come a long way in Europe and is promising to become a backbone for a more decentralized and flexible Energy Union in which citizens increasingly play an important role. Enshrined in the Clean Energy Package and especially in the revised Renewable Energy Directive (RED II), community energy and collective self-consumption should now receive a boost. While the Internal Electricity Market Directive (IEMD) with its relevant provisions on Citizen Energy Communities (CECs) already had to be implemented until December 2020, Member States still have until June 2021 to transpose the European legislation for Renewable Energy Communities (RECs). This brief is primarily targeted at policy makers engaged in the transposition and implementation process. It provides a snapshot of where Member States currently stand and inspires through good examples.

Publication Date: 30 Apr 2021

Author: Arthur Hinsch, Carsten Rothballer, Julia Kittel (ICLEI) - based on work by the COME RES partners