D5.3 Synthesis Report based on in-depth assessment of 10 transferable best practices

This Deliverable 5.3 includes the presentation of the methodological process for best practice development and comparative analysis on drivers and success factors of the different best practice cases. All best practice case studies are synthesised and showcased. In order to conduct a first comparative analysis, a Truth Table has been developed that allows to compare the different relevant factors between cases and identify cross-case patterns in order to infer general
conclusions. Based on this, the findings on common drivers and success factors are presented and analysed, both collectively and individually. As a result of this analysis, a series of lessons have been learnt and a list of recommendations for policymakers and REC developers are provided. Finally, some general remarks for the transfer of best practice cases to the COME RES target regions and beyond are elaborated.


Deliverable 5.3 is designed as follows: Section 1 introduces the deliverable. Section 2 presents the methodological process of the exercise and Section 3 the main categories of drivers and success factors identified. Then, Section 4 showcases the research synthesis and the comparative analysis. This includes the Truth Table, an overview of main findings, a comparative analysis of drivers and success factors, an overview of the lessons learnt and recommendations and general remarks for the transfer of best practice cases. Finally, Section 5 presents the conclusions.

Publication Date: 19 May 2022

Author: Pouyan Maleki-Dizaji, Francisco Rueda (ECORYS)