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D3.2 First consolidated report of desk activities in the target regions

The first consolidated report of the desk activities summarises and documents the events and activities held by the eight country desks...

Publication Date: 30 Nov 2021

Author: Isabel Azevedo (INEGI)

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Country Report

Report on second Dutch/Flemish country desk and policy lab

The second meeting of the Dutch/Flemish country desk took place on 30 November 2021. Dirk Vansintjan of presented the current status...

Publication Date: 30 Nov 2021

Author: Erika Meynaerts, Kelsey van Maris (VITO/Energyville), Erik Laes (TU/e), Dirk Vansintjan, Sara Tachelet (

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The conditions for community energy to promote the energy transition

Renewable energy communities (RECs) can drive the uptake of renewables and social acceptance of the low-carbon energy transition in Europe. But...

Publication Date: 19 Nov 2021

Author: Karina Standal & Stine Aakre (CICERO) and Erik Laes (TU/e & VITO)

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Country Report

Report: 1st thematic workshop of the Polish country desk

The thematic workshop was organised by The Polish National Energy Conservation Agency (KAPE) in cooperation with The Regional Fund for...

Publication Date: 28 Oct 2021

Author: Piotr Nowakowski

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Factsheet 1: The Potential of Community Projects in the Renewable Energy Sector

Dutch    English     German    Italian   Latvian    Norwegian   Polish  Portuguese      Spanish

This factsheet provides a concise overview of...

Publication Date: 26 Oct 2021

Author: Arthur Hinsch & Lucy Russell (ICLEI), Erik Laes & Kellan Anfinson (TU/e) - with contributions from all project partners

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